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gonna play some old mixes on scouse channel. if you want on just kick me cause i wont have auto conect on

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DJ Master G replied to the topic 'Mixing in Key' in the forum. 1 week ago

Good topic for discussion.

I have delved in to it before, I found that it sounds good to mix in key, however for me personally when mixing in key it would stop me on my tracks of creating a certain Vibe, as the track I would like to play next is not in key. So I stopped mixing in key & just play my sets by ear.

I think that it's personal choice, if you construct a mix entirely in key, it can sound awesome, if not it still can be awesome if you have structure!


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Admin replied to the topic 'Mixing in Key' in the forum. 1 week ago

I've never needed too, when I've tried its never sounded better, i don't really understand how to make a mix in key and make it sound better than just mixing with out using it, waste of time me thinks :)


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ForgedHalo created a new topic ' Beginners Mix Guide' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Little post for people struggling to get to grips with digital djing.

Very basic mixing which should help you on your way. This is with Traktor but the principles are the same for whatever software you are using.



ForgedHalo created a new topic ' Mixing in Key' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Thought I would post something up since it's all quiet in here and it would be interesting to hear your views.

Anyone mix in key religiously, tried it or just think it's a waste of time?

I know the sets I have listened too very rarely do it and if they do possibly in error lol.
I have tried a few times but find sometimes it's not needed or it makes my sets a pain to source since I have a particular idea when creating sets and sometimes it just wont fit.
I find it is better suited to the likes of trance sets and possibly tech house/prog house sets.

Your views?


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This Monday Only on House/Electro

Playing live today Dj Master G on the house channel big beats with soulful house / deep house myself laying down some OldSkool 4 beat hardcore... Show more

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last tune next

tunesssss ? MASSIVE ??✌

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